Double Inside Bar Finder

Highlights in blue when an inside bar follows an inside bar . Double inside bars (when used on the daily timeframe ) are a way of easily finding equilibrium patterns (i.e. pennant shaped price action) on lower time frames. There is usually a strong move in whatever direction these patterns break, so good to have alerts set up for your favourite markets.
リリースノート: Fixed a code issue thanks to feedback from Indicator-Lover. Also added an option to change the relevant candle colours instead of having the vertical backgrounds as highlights.

In my experience OBV (or a similar volume-based indicator) is often a good technique to see which way an inside bar is going to break. If it's trending up over the past few bars go long, and vice versa for short
リリースノート: Fixed an offsetting issue
リリースノート: Fixed screenshot
リリースノート: Added an option to change highlight colour based on the second inside candle. If it's red then the highlight will be red and vice versa for green.




I want the bar colour for the Bar after which 2 consecutive Inside bars are formed.
Can you help me?
Can you please add buy sell alert whenever inside bar breakout happens
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