AutoFib channel by-Stocksight

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Creates a channel off of desired periods' high and low and plots Fib levels. Automatically updates itself after every candle. Easily helps find the next entry point on any time frame.
お気に入りスクリプトからの削除 お気に入りスクリプトに追加
//Created by Stocksight on January 1, 2016. Version 1.0
study("AF", overlay=true, max_bars_back= 89)

//Inputs,  Fib inputs can be added here incase custom values are needed.  Will add that on next revision
z = input (50)
p_offset= input(2)
transp =input(60)


//Fib Cals
fib1 = (((c-b)*.764)+b)
fib2 = (((c-b)*.618)+b)
fib3 = (((c-b)*.382)+b)
fib4 = (((c-b)*.500)+b)
fib5 = (((c-b)*.236)+b)

plot(b[p_offset], color = red, linewidth=2)
plot(c[p_offset], color = green, linewidth=2)
plot(fib1[p_offset], color = purple, style=cross, transp = 40, join=true, linewidth=2)
plot(fib2[p_offset], color = yellow, style = cross,transp = transp)
plot(fib3[p_offset], color = yellow, style = cross,transp = transp )
plot(fib4[p_offset], color = red, style = cross,transp = transp, join=true)
plot(fib5[p_offset], color = purple, style = cross,transp = 40, join=true, linewidth=2)

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