Swing Failure Pattern Inquisitor

SFP Inquisitor

coded by Bogdan Vaida

Code for Swing High, Swing Low and Swing Failure Pattern.
Note that we're still in the alpha version, bugs may appear.

Note that the number you set in your Swing History variable
will also be the minimum delay you see until the apples appear.
This is because we're checking the forward "history" too.

The SFP will only check for these conditions:
- high above Swing History high and close below it
- low below Swing History high and close above it

In some cases you may see an apple before the SFP that "doesn't fit"
with the SFP conditions. That's because that apple was drawn later and
the SFP actually appeared because of the previous apple .
20 candles later.

🍏 - swing high
🍎 - swing low
🧺 - candle where the last swing was driven from
🍌 - swing failure pattern
🍎🍌 - hungry scenario: swing low but also a SFP compared to the last swing
リリースノート: Added strategy code.
リリースノート: Added alerts.
リリースノート: Added cake 🍰 for stronger SFPs / SFPs in a row (but with a the secret sauce).


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