Arnaud Legoux Moving Average Set [DM]

Greetings Colleagues
As it could not be otherwise in the soul series could not miss its own moving average.
Here you can enjoy 3 soul moving averages with color variables and alerts on all crosses of the three moving averages

/// Quick Explained ALMA ///
//Window size: The window size is the look-back period and it is a basic setting of ALMA .
//Experienced traders can change this setting according to their preference.
//But if you are using this indicator for the first time, it is recommended to go with the default setting.

//Offset: The offset value is used to tweak the ALMA so that it will be more inclined
//towards responsiveness or smoothness. You can set the offset in decimals between the 0 to1.
//The value of 0. 01 makes it smoother, while a setting of 0.99 makes the indicator more responsive.

//Sigma: The sigma is used for the filter. Any value less than 6 makes the indicator
//more focused, whereas the setting of 6 makes the filter large. According to Mr Arnaud,
//a sigma value of 6 is offer good performance.
リリースノート: Minor changes
リリースノート: Minor changes
リリースノート: MInor changes , increase limit on all lengths
リリースノート: Change slow length 89 to 144
Change values for gradient color in bars and 3rd moving average
リリースノート: change bar color rules
リリースノート: added ability for multiple medium averages:
Change order in the menu now is more easy navigate betwen the signals.
リリースノート: minor changes updated log window


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