Heat Map Forex - Intraday

  • 4 intraday time frames for a custom strength indication by color.
  • 3 positive and 3 negative colors.
  • 7 symbols, limited by the number of plots on the screen (64). All symbols against USD.
  • Works well with FX Percentage Change script.

Trading View also has a FOREX heat map widget, found here.

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It is best to play around with the left axis of a chart/indicator window when adding this to your screen. You can adjust the vertical height of the axis using the mouse and dragging. The horizontal offset can be adjusted by using the 'base horizontal offset' input in the indicator settings.
mortdiggiddy mortdiggiddy
@mortdiggiddy, Recommend using 5min is the time frame for the chart, since the lowest heat level is 5 minute.
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