TD Sequential 8s and 9’s + Alerts

A simplified version of TD Sequential which only prints the buy and sell 8’s and 9’s. The advantage of this version is it doesn’t clutter the chart with a multitude of numbers as with many TD indicators. Also a lot of the (very good) TD indicators have a lot of other featires to the TD system (S/R lines etc) that a you or I might not require.

Signals print as labels below (green Buy 8’s and 9’s) and above (red Sell 8’s and 9’s) the bars, which gives a cleaner visual than just numbers.

The script also allows you to independently show/hide the Buy and Sell signals. The advantage of this is in a strong trend or on a certain timeframe you might want to have one set of signals turned off.

Also includes multi-timeframes (resolution) selection to allow you to display the TD signals from higher / lower timeframes than the one you are currently viewing.

Alerts are included for:
TD 8 Buy
TD 9 Buy
TD 8 Sell
TD 9 Sell

This script isn't recommended to be used in isoltation for opening longs and shorts, but to add confluence to your own TA or other indicators.





Thanks a lot.
I don't know how to set the alert for this, anyone knows how? please help.
Thank you.
I just created my first script based on TD9 sell/buy indicators, and searched via public library for reference (per publishing house rules)
I appreciate how well put together your code is here, and your use of the various ux design features. Thank you!
spdoinkal MsYinMei
@MsYinMei, thanks for your compliments!
thank you spdoinkal for sharing clear and easy to use
spdoinkal zhg.jun
@zhg.jun, thanks! much appreciated
Can i ask you how does one use this indicator please and thanks
spdoinkal markfds
Hi, TD sequential is a system created by Tom DeMark, it identifies potential reversals in price. There is a lot of documentation of the system online, that does a much better job at explaining it that I could. Just search google for TD Sequential, or trading the 9's and you'll find the answers.
Good stuff, nice and clean and great addition to analyze trades.
spdoinkal chrisgollnick
@chrisgollnick, thanks!
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