Here is our TD sequential designed for the cryptocurrency realm.

Full count up to 13.
Uptrend 9 turns light blue - likely trend reversal
Downtrend 9 turns orange - likely trend reversal
Uptrend 13 turns dark blue - extremely likely trend reversal
Downtrend 13 turns purple - extremely likely trend reversal
Any count greater than 13 will be black until invalidation, this can be seen with BTC /USD in December 2017 - extremely rare

Feel free to change the colours in the script, personally i prefer them as is, S&R lines may be turned off based on preference.
This description is simplified and does not explain the theory or strategies, please visit the internet for information on TD sequential.
I give thanks to Tom Demark and the other TD sequential script publishers, such as glaz, on Tradingview.
Everyone is welcome to use and customise this script!

Stay tune for more crypto related indicators designed for the 24/7 market from the traders at Digichain Capital.




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Awesome indicator. Thank you for your hard work.
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