[KL] BOLL + MACD Strategy v2 (published)

This strategy will look for opportunities when price touches the lower Bollinger band , then enters Long when it anticipates a MACD crossover signal.

Setup: on 1-day chart interval

Exits when either (a) hitting trailing stop loss, or (b) meeting risk-to-reward, if defined by user.
リリースノート: Amended entry condition
リリースノート: Changed the way how TSL is plotted when position size is zero
リリースノート: Added feature allowing users to define the end-time of the timeframe for backtests (previously will only test up to most recent candle). The "end-date" can be defined in the config. window and toggled on/off.
リリースノート: Fixed a bug
リリースノート: v4.1: modified script to allow pyramiding
リリースノート: Fixed a bug
リリースノート: - added alert to notify when price is near the lower band
- additional exit setup




Thank you ! Do you have a version with alerts too
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