MTF Smoothed Moving Averages x4

A set of smoothed moving averages that stay at a fixed timeframe, regardless of the timeframe of the chart but don't have nasty jaggedy lines. Instead, they are smooooooooooooth...
リリースノート: Tweaked default settings
リリースノート: Simplified options with better labels and tidied up the code.

Leave a comment if you would like me to make and share more MTF indicators.
リリースノート: Typo!
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Hi Thingygeoff appreciate the introduction of smoothening for MTF. Have a look on my adventure :)
@Chakku, It's worth bearing in mind that the smoothening does add a bit of lag in the response to sharper moves, when compared to the true HTF line, as it takes a path down the middle of the zig zags rather than the leading edge, but such is the price of beauty. Also, using a LTF (eg, 1m indicator on a 2m chart) in theory drops data in a way that could also make things inaccurate, but I've not tested the real world impact of this! Anyhow. I'm glad it is useful and that you are enjoying the adventuring :)
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