Crossover Strategy w/Take Profit + Trailing Stop - Study

This script is a result of hours of trail, error and research. If something is not functioning as anticipated, please notify me with a description and possible screen shot of the issue.

The strategy is a basic crossover strategy. When MA1 crosses above MA2, it will trigger a long entry. When MA1 crosses below MA2, it will trigger a short entry.

When using the Take Profit function, the trailing stop will automatically activate at the defined TP3 level.

Also, when TP1 is hit a stop loss is set at 0.3% (this can be adjusted in settings) above/below the current entry. When TP2 is achieved, the stop will move up to the TP1 level.

If the trailing stop locks in LESS profit than the TP2 level, the stop will trigger at the TP2 level. This will continue until the trailing stop has moved to a level more advantageous than TP2.

There is a companion Alerts script for use with AutoView.

***AutoView syntax IS NOT provided***
リリースノート: Updated titles in the "Moving Averages" section.
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Can you please grant me access?
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Hi, can you please give me access to the script?
Can I have access to play with the code? Thanks!
Can you please grant me access? Thanks!
Could i have access please?
could I have an access plz thx
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