Slow Stochastic + MACD

This script is Slow Stochastic fusion MACD .
リリースノート: Add Trend Bar.
リリースノート: zero line fixed.
This script is published closed-source and you may use it freely. You can favorite it to use it on a chart. You cannot view or modify its source code.


Can I get the source code? Want to learn, how you merge both MACD and RSI on one indicator window?
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Please provide me the source code so that i can learn how you merged the MACD and Stohastic
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@slyyoc, You can overlay indicators in tradingview. Add the MACD to your chart and the Stochastic, now you click on the 3 dots next to the Stochastic, go to "move to" and then select move to existing pane below. Now you will see that the Stochastic is overlaying the MACD.
@DAVEEEEEEE, Thank you so much
do u make tutorial video for this ? i want know more good work
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bro, please share the source code for this, i need to learn this one
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