Derivative Oscillator Arrows [Salty]

Values above zero are considered bullish , and larger arrows print when the cross over occurs in the bullish area.
Values below zero are considered bearish , and larger arrows print when the cross under occurs in the bearish area.




I like the look of this indicator at first glimpse. Thanks for your work mate.
I was always intrigued by the moxie indicator. I tried finding what the moxie indicator was based off of but im guessing it's what you have here? RSI/50sma/21,8 ema ?
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markmiotke NathanAR
@NathanAR, Your Welcome. See my other indicator Moxie_Arrows if you want an actual Moxie Indicator.
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Cool Indicator. Do you mind adding the code that shows the swing levels as well or is that a different indicator?
@Decam9, I am not sure how that would work since I would expect to see swing levels on the price chart, and the DO is on its own chart.
Decam9 markmiotke
@markmiotke, Any idea what indicator that was? Its shown in your example case and I could really use it.
@Decam9, ST_Darvas is the name of the indicator from Simpler Trading as shown in the chart.
Just wanted to say "Thanks for your work" I find this indicator useful.
markmiotke cowboycraig
@cowboycraig, your welcome. Glad you like it.
can you add the option to change the plot to a histogram or column? thanks in advance!
@aes0n, If you click on the settings gear and go to the style tab and click the button to the right of the plot you can change the line to a histogram or columns.
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