Momentum heatmap @CosmonautC


14 different indicators 4 public ones ( RSI , StochRSI, CCI and Wavetrend oscillator) the rest are custom private ones of preexisting momentum indicators or completely custom ones created by me.

To determine green-red color the indicators are assesed on 7 different metrics and then given a score of 1-100 based on the current state of those 7 metrics. The length input is universal meaning all indicators and metrics will be affected by it. Source input is only for indicators.

It might take a bit to load as the code is all in all around 600 lines and due to a large amount of custom functions and if statements


darker green = buy

Darker red = sell

light green= approaching good buy opportunity/buy opportunity in shaky markets

Light red = same as light green but for sells

gray/almost no color = undecided/turning point

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I have a question, looks like there multiple levels of datapoints(i.e colors), from top to bottom, how to read this?
Great job !!
Amazing stuff!
Superb work
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