Sequential Up/Down

This strategy is based on TD sequential study from glaz.
I made some improvement and modification to comply with pine script version 4.
Basically, it is a strategy based on proce action, supports and resistance and can be used also for scalping.

It could be improved with exit rules, stop loss based on ATR etc.

I have also a study with alerts.

Please use comment section for any feedback or contact me if you need support.





Looks like a typical example of repainting, since when backtesting, the tralingstop is calculated at bar-close minus trailing level, while in reality, the maximum price is not at barclose.
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03.freeman MasterGorilla
@MasterGorilla, You can set trailing stop to 0 and use only stop loss and take profit or none of them.
navyreal7 03.freeman
@03.freeman, in what way can I see if there is repainting or not? Did you, as an author, test this? it became clear to me that the parameter "Trailing Stop loss Points?" became very important..
it’s as if the main one for increasing profits .. is the problem of repainting buried?
navyreal7 03.freeman
@03.freeman, I can’t delete my early comments ... but for now this is the thing ... when testing on the market simulator 1D, a much lower percentage of profit occurs (generally a different situation) .. is the problem of repainting really hidden here ???
navyreal7 MasterGorilla
@MasterGorilla, explain in more detail ... is there really a repainting in this parameter "Trailing Stop loss Points?"
coinnoz navyreal7
@navyreal7, Yes. If you set Trailing Stop Loss Point = 0 this strategy is a total disaster.
navyreal7 MasterGorilla
@MasterGorilla, you know, I checked it on the minute charts ... and the deals are not like repainting ...... the vsu is stable, it really closes in most cases at the peak ... that’s why so, until I understand ... but the mechanism the author has the same one for several strategies .. the only difference in the filters is either a crossover or a trend stepper (security). if you notice something else, write
03.freeman navyreal7
@navyreal7, As I explained, the trailing stop in Tradingview bactest can false the results, for this reano is set to 0 in the chart that I have attached.
The stratey uses a template from JayRogers (see the code) for executing the orders, nothing more. I don't think that you can use it on 1 minute charth: it is not designed for it.
The code itself basically counts how many consecutive bars there were in history nothing more, so how can it repaint? what does it repaint?
Most of parameter have to be optimized when you chage timeframe and pair.
JackTz MasterGorilla
@MasterGorilla, Agree - repaints like these are often really easy to spot. Look at all the closing positions. They are all placed in the top (for long positions) or bottom (for short positions) - making each trade the most favorable outcome. This though is not possible in real-time.
This kind of repaint happens because of the lag of inner-candle-data. You only have Open, Close, High and Low when backtesting which makes trailing stop losses impossible to backtesting since it always would be set to High or Low, depending of the position type.
Hi, how install it
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