Pips-Stepped, Adaptive-ER DSEMA w/ DSL [Loxx]

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Pips-Stepped, Adaptive-ER DSEMA w/ DSL is an Efficiency-Ratio-Adaptive, Double-Smoothed EMA with Pips Stepping and Discontinued Signal Lines. This combination reduces noise and improves signal quality.

What is Double Smoothed Exponential Moving Average (DSEMA) ?
The Double Smoothed Exponential Moving Average is a lot less laggy compared to a traditional EMA . It's also considered a leading indicator compared to the EMA , and is best utilized whenever smoothness and speed of reaction to market changes are required.

What is the efficiency ratio?
In statistical terms, the Efficiency Ratio tells us the fractal efficiency of price changes. ER fluctuates between 1 and 0, but these extremes are the exception, not the norm. ER would be 1 if prices moved up 10 consecutive periods or down 10 consecutive periods. ER would be zero if price is unchanged over the 10 periods.

  • Bar coloring
  • Signals
  • Alerts
  • EMA and FEMA Signal/ DSL smoothing
  • Loxx's Expanded Source Types
Source type library update


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