[RESEARCH] Percentrank Bug

I found a bug with built-in percentrank function. Sometimes it gives unexpected and incorrect results. You can see a one of them on the chart.

ALL scripts which use percentrank function are affected. No matter which version they use, no matter who is their author - ALL scripts which use this built-in function can work incorrectly.

If you want to avoid this bug use _percentrank function (the "shim") - you can find it in the script.

NOTE: Don't push on TradingView Support or Pine Core Team because they already know about this issue and work on the fix. I publish it to warn you.
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Good find. Discrepancies aren't as important on long lengths.
Think ">=" in function should be ">".
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@LucF, Hi, thank you.
I followed the built-in percentrank() description: "Percent rank is the percents of how many previous values was less than or equal to the current value of given series."
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LucF everget
@everget, Ah yes. Right. Sry.
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FIXED by TradingView
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