Mayer Multiple Bands

Since there are not many scripts based on the Mayer Multiple, I figured I could add one to the collection. First I would like to give a shout out to Trace Mayer, Preston Pysh, and our fellow Tradingview user unbound, for their inspirational work.

The numbers used to make this script can be found in a number of locations, or you can just make them for yourself in Excel, which will give you a more current mean Mayer Multiple etcetera; however, the numbers I used for this particular script were found here:

This script should only be used with daily candles.

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awesome indicator !!!
try it out using 89 length fib number and the 7 8 or 9 day time frame on a BTC chart :)
very nice results
thank you for creating this cool indicator ...
also, log chart 4 the win ...
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