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This script aims to encompass the style of Traders Reality, Steve M (BTTM), and Stacey Burke (youtube)
yesterday and last wk high and low
Custom watermark with examples (good for fullscreen multicharts)

can set it to show the year and week x of year

Colored candles for ays of week.
The theory behind these colors are that monday and tuesday set your initial balance for the week . having color seperation helps identify the balance
mon-tues = initial balance :green
wed +thu : blue
friday: red

Session boxes and daily initial balance
displays the asian and european trading session as one
displays the ny session first 3 hrs

how to combine sessions, weekly ib, daily ib, and sessions

will add pip lines 00/.50 increments at a later date
added 100, 50, & 25 pip increment lines. use correct step size per pair. ex: EURUSD 100 and XAUUSD is 1000
Added ability to change the 3 sessions
added watermark (useful when in fullscreen)
removal of candles colored by day (problem when switching from forex to futures)

100, 50, & 25 pip lines (adjust per asset ex. usdcad gbpusd set to 1000)
restyle of of key levels to include all opens, highs, lows, & midpoint for 4 hour timeframe all the way to yearly. This also goes for the previous levels as well

The pip levels are customizable to whatever you want mine are set as this..
black solid line = 100 pip
red solid line = 25 pip
blue dashed line = 50 pip

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