RSI Divergence

Price/Oscillator Divergence Detector.

This detects the following divergences between price and the oscillator.
  • Regular Bullish Divergence: Price lower low | Oscillator higher low
  • Regular Bearish Divergence: Price higher high | Oscillator lower high
  • Hidden Bullish Divergence: Price higher low | Oscillator lower low
  • Hidden Bearish Divergence: Price lower high | Oscillator higher high

Settings and Options.

  • Lookback windows to identify pivot points .
  • -The signal will be delayed by the number of bars used in the right lookback window.
  • Maximum range to detect divergence is the largest distance allowed between two pivots for them to be considered.
  • Option to plot hidden and regular divergences.
  • Option to use the price bars or oscillator to detect pivot points . If using price, the source used to calculate the oscillator (default is close) or high/low can be used.

  • Price source.
  • Lookback window.
  • Coloured range (30-70).
  • Second coloured range.
  • Horizontal line position.

Note: Click the settings cog next to the indicator name to access all the settings after addition of the indicator to the chart.

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リリースノート: You can now specify lower and upper values of lookback range for divergence consideration.
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Hey Jdlim, the idea is great, needed something like this to speed up looking for divergences or making sure I dont miss any. Would be a great help to me if youd allow me access.

Thanks so much, an asset to the community
May I have access to this one RSI indicator? Thank you!!!!
Waouh it looks awesome ! would love to try it too !
Good evening @jdlim :)
Can you allow me access to your script please, thank you so much in advance ;)
Hey @jdlim please allow me to use it
Hey @jdlim I would love to try this. Let me know
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Hi @jdlim can i try this?
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hello @jdlim can i try this indicator. Best
Hi can I get access please :)
Hi @jdlim, I would highly appreciate to get access to your indicator, thanks in advance
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