study(title="prediction4", shorttitle="miyazakiaoi")
RSILength = input(3, minval=1)
ROCLength = input(60, minval=1)
BuyZone = input(10, minval=1)
SellZone = input(90, minval=1)
neutralZone = input(50, minval=1)
xPrice = close
hline(SellZone, color=red, linestyle=line, title = "Upper")
hline(BuyZone, color=green, linestyle=line, title = "Lower")
hline(neutralZone, color=green, linestyle=line, title = "nertral")
nRes = rsi ( roc (xPrice,ROCLength),RSILength)
pos = iff(nRes < BuyZone, -1,
iff(nRes > SellZone, 1, nz (pos, 0)))
barcolor( pos == -1 ? green: pos == 1 ? red : blue )
col = nRes >= 90 ? red : 10 >= nRes ? lime : gray
plot(nRes, color=col, linewidth=4, title="nukinuki",style=histogram)

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