MACD Bands

This is MACD indicator on the price chart. You can read the same information as the original MACD but much more.

You can use it the same way as MACD but it won't use any space below your chart. Also you can use signal line and cloud as trend confirmation: e.g. if above them it can be a stronger uptrend.

  • The signal line (yellow by default) can be used as a support-resistance line.
  • If teal line is above maroon line, MACD is positive, otherwise it is negative
  • MACD value is the width of the cloud
  • Cloud color is green when MACD histogram is positive, red if negative
  • You can change MA types
  • MACD and histogram values can be seen in Data Window
リリースノート: Different (background) colors for growing and falling histogram.
リリースノート: Fix "Slow length" title

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