Cumulative Volume Delta [Aggregated]

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This Indicator is known as Cumulative Volume Delta ( CVD ), and it represents the total difference between buying and selling pressure.

This indicator use intrabar analysis to strike a balance between the most straightforward and accurate approaches of computing volume delta.
Intrabar analysis is the most accurate method to determine volume delta on historical bars on our charts when TradingView does not currently have historical tick data available.

What is included in the indicator:

Candle Type CVD

Line Type CVD

Aggregated Data which is derived from different exchanges
● Binance
● Bybit
● Delta
● WooNetwork

You can choose between Aggregated Data or Single Data by choice.
Aggregated Data - Gathered Data from multiple exchanges which is summarize and became one.
Single Data - Data on your current chart.

Aggregated Data for CVD is still limited to BTC pair as of the moment. The indicator automatically switches to Single Data Type if the opened chart is not a BTC pair.

Candle Colors are fully customizable just like the Tradingview candle settings.

This indicator is mostly compatible to all Crypto.

NOTE: Most code is derived from my library to keep everything neat and clean.

Updated Library Version


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