MESA + Volume + RSI Decision Points Strategy

Combination of 3 indicators, first 2 are to get entry points, the last one (MESA) is to get exit points:

1) "Koalafied Volume Extension" by @Koalafied_3 - used to detect whether current trend candles are supported by volume

2) "Koalafied RSI Decision Points" by @Koalafied_3 - another indicator used to detect trend momentum

3) "Mesa Advanced Triggers" by @jordanfung - used to determine where we should exit our current trade, based on some magical cyclic mathematics from John Ehlers

This indicator has several moving parts, which I like to set up like this:
1) set SL to 1
2) use Time-Limited backtest to only include current month (or previous, if the current one jus started)
3) set RSI length to 2

From this point on, keep on adjusting the RSI length until you see some good Net Profit results. Once there, you can start adjusting the Z-Score MA Length to improve your Net Profit results.

Then, keep playing with the MESA pivot zones to see whether you can get even better results (values from 0/0 to 1/-1 worked best for me so far).

Lastly, adjust the Stop Loss on top until you get your perfect Net Profit and you're done.

Don't forget to test it month-by-month using the "Time-Limit Backtesting" section to see if the strategy with your settings works thorough the wholeness of your chosen test duration.

That's it.
Once set up, use alarms to get notified when a trade can be opened / should be closed and profit.

Enjoy :)

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