DiNapoli MACD Predictor Table

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This indicator displays a table containing the MACD Predictor states from Higher Timeframes: a green background denotes a bullish predictor in that particular timeframe, and a red one denotes a bearish predictor.

Only Higher Timeframes states do appear in the table. Lower Timeframes are grayed out, due to inability to get reliable results for such behaviour in current Tradingview environment.

The position of the table can be customized through the input panel.

Note: The indicator is resource hungry, and sometimes it might need some seconds to fully populate the table.
New feature - multiple views:
  • Added the option to display the Current Predictor values.
  • Added the option to display the Future Predictor values.
  • Background, Texts and Border colors are fully customizable.
Improved loading speed.
A couple of improvements to accelerate the loading time:
  • Timeframes being displayed in the table are open to be selected.
  • By default only 5 timeframes get activated: 1H, 4H, 1D, 1W and 1M
  • Lower and deactivated timeframes don't appear in the table. That makes contributes to a cleaner chart space.
Improved visualization and inner mechanics.

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