Cyatophilum Auto Key Levels

cyatophilum アップデート済   
This indicator will automatically plot key horizontal levels.
The script will create a grid from highest to lowest price, dividing this price range into several steps.
It will then loop through each bar and save its cummulative price/volume into each steps.
The steps with the most significant prices/volume are finally plotted into key levels.



 • Precision: The number of steps. Increase if you want more precise levels or decrease for bigger areas.
 • Lookback: The number of bars from the past used to calculate the levels.
 • Strength: The amount of lines to show.
 • Use Volume: For volume weighted key levels.
Removed « lookback » parameter. Instead, the script will automatically adapt to the chart's visible bars.
The key levels default color is now automatically converted to the high contrast color that fits best the chart's background color. You can still change the color to any color in the inputs.

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