MTF 4RCIs Flex

This script can display 4 RCIs of different time scales.
Instead of lengthening the period, we use the data of different time frames to improve display speed.
The background color changes at the timing when the four RCIs become more or less than the threshold value, in adition, the cross mark is displayed when the short term RCI crosses the threshold value.

It use flexible input.
New version of this script.
リリースノート: update color code
リリースノート: update
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Could I PLEAse have access to this code for my automated system?
It displays a line of blue cross at the top, please fix it, thanks!
tansancrypto iMpr0trader
@iMpr0trader, Fixed it, thanks!
iMpr0trader tansancrypto
@tansancrypto, can you share source code of this indicator, I need it for my system, thank you!
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