Donchian Channel Smoothed (Linear Regression)

The script is an implementation of the Donchian Channel Smoothed indicator using linear regression to smooth the data. The indicator plots three curves: the middle curve, which represents the average of the upper and lower curves, and the upper and lower curves, which are the standard Donchian channels.

The smoothing is done using linear regression on the highest and lowest of the given period. This helps filter out the noise in the data and provides a smoother curve that can help traders identify trends and key levels of support and resistance. The advantages of using linear regression for smoothing are reduced data volatility, better identification of long-term trends, and improved ability to identify support and resistance levels.

Using this indicator, traders can identify potential entry and exit points in a trend, as well as key support and resistance levels. Donchian channels are also useful for measuring asset volatility and determining trading range boundaries.

In summary, using linear regression to smooth the data in the Donchian Channel Smoothed indicator presents significant advantages for traders, such as reduced data volatility and better identification of long-term trends. This allows traders to more easily identify support and resistance levels and make more informed trading decisions.