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4 Pattern Software

With well over 20 years of trading and investing experience, combined with my 10 years plus of coding strategies and indicators, I learned many years ago that there are 4 Patterns that are more reliable for picking the correct entries on Stocks, Commodities , Forex and Cryptocurrencies than any others. I thought it would be best to create software that scans the entire stock market, each day, to quickly and easily identify these specific patterns.

In the picture above the software is showing the ranges and support and resistance levels on BTCUSD . There are other various indicators on this chart that show when price is overextended, volume spikes and trend changes.

The Nasdaq is showing an overextended support pattern. It also is highlighting the next levels of support and resistance levels.

In the above picture the software is telling us that the market is going sideways and to stay out for now. Once price breaks out of the ranges the blue will disappear.

Once price broke out of the range it is now showing us one of the 4 patterns that we are looking for. It is also showing the red line resistance that needs to be broken before it is wise to look for an entry.
In the new version we have added auto trend lines that are green for uptrend and red for downtrend.
We added new auto trend lines to the 4 Pattern Software. To learn more please go to https://www.simpletrades.net/
I have added a moving average angle calculator and the blue choppy market indicator.

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You can access my script through my website https://www.simpletrades.net/


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