trend judgment & multi ma

1 The background is filled with the number of matches to the trend template.

For the following conditions, 7 matches are yellow, 8 matches are green, and 9 matches are blue.
1. the stock price is above the 150-day MA and 200-day MA
2. the 50-day MA is above the 200-day MA
3. 200-day MA is in an uptrend for at least one month
4. 50-day MA is above 150-day MA and 200-day MA
5. stock price is 25% or more above 52-week low
6. stock price is 0 - 25% below 52-week high
7. IBD RS is above 70, preferably in the 90s → I don't know the exact formula, so I'm approximating with a formula that gives similar values.
8. when the stock is breaking above the base, the stock price is above the 50MA → It is difficult to judge the base itself, so it is not included in the conditions.
9. volume is high during an upward and low during a downward → volume during an upward > volume during a downward in the past 20 periods.
ex1 . the 5-day MA is above the 20-day MA.

2 multi moving averages are shown.

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