AsianRange and KillZones

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Asia Range Shadow Box and ICT Killzones

If you watch ICT on youtube you will know what to do with this :-)

I had found a lot of great ideas but none of them completely had what I was personally looking for so I put all of the great ideas I had found and added my own twist to it.

I wanted a easily customizable indicator that did the following
- Showed the Asia Range (customizable time)
- Allowed Asia range high and low to be extended
- Fill the asia range or just have it outlined
- The ability to have 4 customizable zones (default to ICT kill zones) but you can make them whatever you want
- Ability to turn off various zones if you want (Maybe you just want a New York Session and thats it)

I also place a "Max timeframe to display" - Personally I don't want this showing on anything over a 60min chart so you can adjust that parameter (in minutes) to your liking.

This was also fully converted to pine v4

I hope in a future revision to take use of the new "box" feature to get a cleaner box around Asia session.

The biggest update is that the Asian range box has been converted to the new box type
The other session markers were converted from plots to lines (This was to allow for some future changes) but no no should notice the difference
I also removed the inputs for extending the Asian range as I need to see how this will work with the box method.
Converted to Pine Version5
Added User Recommended Asia Range Deviations
Groups Inputs a little differently in the Menu
Small Bug Fix with update

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