Harmonic Indicator

This indicator finds all of the gartley and cypher patterns on anychart and personally I have been using them profitably with BTC , ETH, and LTC. It includes entry points for both patterns but not TP levels, that is up to you to do research on. In version 2 I am working on this, if any of you can help me with that, it would be appreciated. Goodluck!




Hey, thanks for making this, it looks great. I would love to help you but im far from knowing PineScript. I'm wondering, does the alert only fire when there is a label printed or does it fire when te line change colour? Also when does the line change colour?
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LixxChartz FearlessLimitless
@FearlessLimitless, the alert fires when the setup lable gets printed. The lable gets printed when the line is printed so you would get the alert after the price begins to move down. Normally the lable will get printed before the price reaches the target entry. Does that answer your wuestion? I am using it now with alerts on the 4, 5 and 9 lengths. You could copy the code to do this. The line changes color when the price goes oppisite from the last line, and when it does this has to do with the length that you set. Hope that helped. Also after you get the setup alert, ther can not be another line before it reaches the target, it needs to be a straight shot there. Hope that helps!
Hi buddy. Thank you for the equation. When I set an alarm, how can I be notified when the line changes color, that is, at the extreme point?
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LixxChartz omerbereket_
@omerbereket_, I only programmed the alerts for when the harmonic patterns form. The lines are delayed, the alert would occur way to far into the move for it to be profitable.
Thank you for sharing this source code mate, much appreciated.
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Thank you very much for this. Not sure what the horizontal lines do ... probably define the pattern area ??
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LixxChartz Steve666
@Steve666, they are my entry targets, for the gartley pattern they are a 1.272 extension of the BA and for cypher they are the .786 retracement of the XC. I normally take a trade when it closes below the line then take profits around the .618 from DC of both patterns. Hope that helps and of course backtest it to find the best strategy for you, this just helps me know when a pattern could be forming through alerts but I already have a lot of experience trading the patterns so I use many other factors to take a trade
salsaj LixxChartz
@LixxChartz, thank you for providing this indicator. Just recently discovered Harmonic Patterns and appreciate that yours come with a suggested entry point. Could the alert provide if the pattern is bullish or bearish? I would like to create a trading bot, after I learn how to trade these patterns. Thanks again for your contribution !
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