Compound strategy

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In this strategy, I looked at how to manage the crypto I bought. Once we have a little understanding of how cryptocurrency is valued, we can manage the coins we have. For example, the most valuable coin in a coin is to sell when it is overvalued and re-buy when it is undervalued. Furthermore, I realised that buying from the right place and selling at the right time is very important to make a good profit. When it says sell, it's divided into several parts.

1. When the major uptrend is over and we are able to make the desired profit, we will sell our holdings outright.
2. Selling in the middle of a down trend and buying less than that amount again
3. When a small uptrend is over, sell the ones you bought at a lower price and make a small profit.

The other important thing is that the average cost is gradually reduced. Also, those who sell at a loss will reduce their profit (winning rate), so knowing that we will have a chance to calculate our loss and recover it. I used this to write a strategy in Trading View. I have put the link below it. From that we can see how this idea works. What I did was I made the signal by taking some technical indicators as I did in the previous one (all the indicators I got in this case were directional indicators, then I was able to get a good correlation and a standard deviation. I multiplied the correlation and the standard deviation by both and I took the signal as the time when the graph went through zero, and I connected it to the volume so that I could see some of the volume supported by it.)

Now let me tell you a little bit about what I see in this strategy. In this I used the compound effect. That is, the strategy, the profit he takes to reinvest. On the other hand, the strategy itself can put a separate stop loss value on each trade and avoid any major loss from that trade. I also added to this strategy the ability to do swing trading. That means we can take the small profits that come with going on a big up trend or a big down trend. Combined with Compound Effect, Stop Loss and Swing Trading, I was able to make a profit of 894% per annum (1,117.62% for 15 months) with a winning rate of 80%. Winning rate dropped to 80% because I added stop loss and swing trading. The other thing is that I applied DCA to this in both the up trend and the down trend (both). That was another reason for me to make a good profit. The orange line shows how to reduction of costly trade. The yellow line shows the profit and you can see that the profit line does not go down during the loss trades. That's because I want to absorb the loss from that trade.
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