Buy And Sell using alerts to Zignally bot.

リリースノート: Use in 15min Chart

use with Zignaly Bot.
send automaticaly alerta to zignaly for buy and sell
Have good profits
Make Money!!
リリースノート: New button Sell at TV alerts
リリースノート: More corrections at TV alerts
リリースノート: upgrade
リリースノート: Is Reapainted

Don't use!!
リリースノート: up
リリースノート: REPAINT!!!
お気に入りスクリプトからの削除 お気に入りスクリプトに追加
Hey mate, why does it only show buy / sell signs only on 03.00 and 15.00 ?
Also sometimes the sign that showed up disappears. What is the reason of that?
Hi, doesn't look like repainting, is it fixed ?
guikroth skirmantas
@skirmantas, Not Yet.
repaint in live trading?
@dilace, Yes is repainting. Don't use until is fixed. Repaint because some buggy of function "security"
+1 返信
dilace guikroth
Ok, I wish you good luck with the development :)
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