[NLX-L2] QQE++

- NLX Modular Trading Framework -

I've written this QQE Indicator from scratch and the functionality is self-explaining.
The Qualitative Quantitative Estimation (QQE) indicator is computed based on a combination of smoothed RSI and the average true range .

- Getting Started -

1. Add this QQE Indicator to your Chart
2. Add the Backtest module to your Chart
3. Select the QQE Indicator in the Backtest Settings

- Alerts for Automated Trading -

This module is coming soon and you will be able to create alerts for the QQE Signals as part of my framework.
See my signature below for more information.

- Note -
The high win-rate in the backtest is the result of taking partial take-profits in between trade entry and exit.
Don't be fooled, it's impossible to achieve 80% profitable trades but due to take-profit orders 80% of the trades at least secure some profit.
リリースノート: Update v1.2
- Bugfixes
リリースノート: Bugfix
- QQE Stand-Alone (without underlying L1 indicator works again!

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