For charting weekly support & resistance


Diamond Levels automatically derives live Support & Resistance Price Levels & shows a graphic signal above or below price on the chart.

A directional long/short alert can then be set from the chart indicator to give a live notification of price crossing these price levels.

These Support & Resistance levels are derived from live price which means the indicator will give a new level once the previous level is broken.

By visually laying out Support & Resistance levels on the chart with red & green diamonds, this indicator allows complex live Support & Resistance levels to be identified and used correctly.

Diamond levels can be used alone for long/short signals or used as a visual aid to assist in identifying levels on the chart.

This alert will show Support & Resistance levels for the weekly timeframe with the current level clearly highlighting possible price turning points or breakouts.

Diamond Levels allows easy determination of levels than can assist in identifying trade entry, profit, target or reversal levels for chartists.

Advantages: Alert displays forming support & resistance levels

Limitations: If market price breaks the level it will give a new signal at the next level.

TradingView account needed: free

How to gain access to this script:

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