BTC Futures Settlement Dates by scarf - update date by Mualchon

just update the settlement date.
リリースノート: Update CBOE/CME Settlement date.
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Thanks for share, I just change the CME dates do the last trade date to get better info.
Nice work!
have you ever considered an alert for scheduled BitMEX maintenance...?
very cool
Nice work, looking at BTC going to $5680 from now to 6/16... wish it was faster
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krodmandoon selby_exchange
@selby_exchange, Is that price point based on the pre futures announcement BTC price? I've got something similar targeted.
selby_exchange krodmandoon
@krodmandoon, to be honest IDK what you are referring to other than Goldman's announcement a few weeks ago. That price is my pure speculation based on my assessment of the my BTC coinbase 1day chart and market sentiment.
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