Chart Champions - Part 1 - nPOC - Levels - VWAPs

Thank you for sparing you time to read my indicator.
This indicator has been created as a suite of 3. This was to ensure that those with only the Free Trading View account could benefit (with their restriction to 3 indicators). Please ensure you install each indicator and read each indicator write up to fully understand what has tried to achieved.

Chart Champions – Part 1 –Lvls nPOC VWAPS

This indicator is broken down into:
• Levels
• Naked Point of Control

It displays the levels to the right of the price Axis to enable the user to have a cleaner chart.
The below levels will automatically appear:
dOpen – pdHigh – pdLow – pdEQ – pwEQ
Optional Levels include:
mOpen – pmOpen – pdOpen – dbyOpen – wOpen – pwOpen

Optional VWAPs
Daily (including pdVWAP close) – Weekly – Monthly

Naked Points of Control (nPOC)
To view the nPOC move the chart back in time to pick up the nPOCs.

Chart Champions – Part 2 – CCV IBs POC

This indicator is broken down into:
• Chart Champions Value
• Initial Balance
• Points of Control

Chart Champions Value ( CCV )
CCV is based on the 80% rule of the dOpen opening outside of the pdVAH/pdVAL. Please do you own research to fully understand how this trading strategy works (readily avaliable online).

Initial Balance ( IB )
IB is based on the first 60 minutes of the market opening. It captures the highest and lowest points within that 60 minutes. Please do you own research to fully understand how this trading strategy works (readily avaliable online).

Points of Control (POCs)
POC are the price levels where the most volume was traded.
Developing POC (dPOC) will constantly move with volume /price action through out the day.

Optional POCs
Previous Day POC (pdPOC) – Day Before Yesterday POC (dbyPOC)

Chart Champions – Part 3 – Sessions - Manual Input

This indicator is broken down into:
• Manual Inputs (daily, weekly, monthly)
• IGOR SessionsTtimes
• Pre + Market Openings

Manual Input
Daily x3
Weekly x 3
Monthly x 3
This allows the trader to put in specific levels.

IGOR Session Times
This is a user specific requirement to highlight cetain times during the day, displayed at the bottom of the chart in the colour strip.

Pre + Market Openings
This allows the user to see when pre market trading has started and with the live maket has started, displayed at the top of the chart in colours.

A huge thank you goes out to:
Stackoverflow users AnyDozer and Bjorn.
TV user ahancock for allow me use of this code.

Disclaimer the lower the timeframe the more information it processes.
リリースノート: IMPORTANT NOTICE - Use Standard Candles

I have had a couple of users contact me reference to differences in dOpen.

This issue was because they were using Heikin Ashi candles (which are none standard)

Heikin Ashi candles
The open for each candle is the average of the previous HA bar’s open and close prices. So will display an un-true daily Open compare to Standard Candles.

I am currently working in the background on other tweaks the users have suggest and highlighted there will be some updates coming soon.
リリースノート: User requested for the option to be able to extend Axis value lines across chart.

Within the settings you now have the option to either have the value lines to the left of price or extend across the chart.

Also added the Tooltip function to the Symbol Settings (displayed as an (i) to provide the user with examples).
リリースノート: Update:

Breakdown of update from the indicator settings top to bottom:


This was a user request change. This was due to the user using (not Dark Mode) he was unable to see the yellow lines. The user can now select their preferred color for Daily, Weekly and Monthly levels.


VWAP = Volume Weighted Average Price
(There is an issue with M-VWAP on Timeframes 1 minute and 2 minute, currently investigating)


p = Previous
d = Daily
w = Weekly
m = Monthly
EQ = Equilibrium (mid point of highest and lowest)
E.g pwEQ = Previous Week Equilibrium


Users requested that this function was moved from CC Part 3 to Part 1, to keep all level related functions together.
The purpose of this function is to allow the user to manual input levels that are of interest to them.
##Once input the user can then use the alert function to set an alert when price crosses Daily 1 for example##


NPOC Time Frame is the period that the indicator will look for any Naked POCs. To pick up the nPOC move the chart back in time.


Symbol Settings are in relation to the Symbol/Coin/Token on the screen.
So if you are using BTC it would equal 1. If XRP 0.00001.

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リリースノート: Updated error with dLow and dHigh.
リリースノート: Update of Monthly VWAP.
Issues with large value changes on 4 hour and below 5 mins.

Update more stable but M-VWAP will only show on time frames 5 minutes and higher.
リリースノート: Error loading script. Re-uploaded.
リリースノート: User request for 48 hour rolling VWAP.

The 48 hour rolling VWAP is labelled with its starting day period.

For example today Monday you will see the 48 hour rolling VWAP from Sunday (as seen below).

On Tuesday you will see the 48 hour rolling VWAP starting from Monday etc etc.
リリースノート: At user request I have coded a live 24 hour VWAP.

This VWAP will constantly calculate the last 24 hours from the current time.

Its will only be visible from the 1 minute timeframe to the 15 minute timeframe excluding the below timeframes:
リリースノート: Updates:

User request to have pdVWAP (Previous Day VWAP Close) as a separate option.

Corrected VWAP rounding code:
I noticed that where I had used the round() function on the VWAPs and only tested it on BTCUSD that this then rounded the VWAP to a whole number, which was useless for cryptos under the value of "1". I have used the information from syminfo.mintick for the round action. Which now allows the indicator to function properly on other cryptos.
リリースノート: User request changes:

Have an option for no label box for VWAPs (Option in settings - "No Label Option")

Ability to turn on and off dOpen.
リリースノート: Corrected nPOC above price issue. nPOC are now showing below and above price.
リリースノート: Thank you to user Infernix for highlighting a chart sizing issue and a resolution.
リリースノート: Script updated to Version 5.

Additions at user request includes:


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