Multiple Time Frame Open

Many people have been watching open price of each time axis from long ago.
Also, opening price has an important meaning to determine whether each candlestick is White or Black.
Opening price is very important.
Opening price serves as support and resistance .
This indicator displays OHLC Open as lines in multiple time frame .

Scale Settings:
✓ Scale Price Chart Only
リリースノート: Update for visibility.
リリースノート: Change color to improve visibility.
リリースノート: Update for visibility.
リリースノート: Label color will change depending on whether each candlestick is White or Black.
リリースノート: Add Thursday-Weekly.
Add Lines hide option.
リリースノート: * Pinescript V4.
* Minor changes of "Thursday Weekly".
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I am very sure about this idea and the idea is great.
kai-den AItraders
@AItraders, Thank you! I am the same as yours. It is interesting that this idea is a principle that can also be applied to DJI's chart 100 years ago.
Price operation is the process of people's search for consensus. Consensus constitutes the price trend. Each time period has a key price. There is a common starting point for people. The price revolves around these starting points, or affirmation or negation constitutes a price breakthrough and reversal. The important mark price gives a potential support or resistance level.
Outstanding work!
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kai-den TylerDurden08
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