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This script provides following levels:

1. ORB Level - You can adjust the timeframe of Opening Range (plots from 9am to 4pm)
2. ORB Fib Extension - 1.618 and 2.618 Fibonacci Extension of ORB High and Low (plots from 9am to 4pm)
3. Previous Day High/Low/Close - You can adjust color/thickness of the lines (plots from two days ago so that you can clearly see the levels)
4. Previous Two Days High/Low (plots from two days ago so that you can clearly see the levels)
5. Pre-Market High/Low (plots from 6:30am to 11am)

All in one indicator gives much better clarity of where current instrument is trading in relation to ORB, Previous Day Levels and Previous Two Days Levels along with Pre Market Levels.

You could combine these levels with your favorite EMA or EMA Cloud to create a trading system.

You could combine these levels with MA Cloud and ATR vs DTR script to gauge the move.

Look at the TWTR Chart today and see how these levels are respected.

リリースノート: Fixed some issues
リリースノート: Added feature so that trader can choose up to three ORB Extension levels from and select the ones that they want to display.
リリースノート: Updating ORB Ext Fib levels to
リリースノート: Added labels for levels as requested.


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