EHMA Range Strategy

This script is a modified version of @borserman's script for the Exponential Hull Moving Average
All credit for the EHMA goes to him :)

In addition to the EHMA, this script works with a range around the EHMA (which can be modified), in an attempt to be robust against fake signals. Many times a bar will close below a moving average, only to reverse again the next bar, which eats away at your profits. Especially on shorter timeframes, but also on choppy longer timeframes this can make a strategy unattractive to use.

With the range around the EHMA, the strategy only enters a long/exit-short position if a bar crosses above the upper range. Vice versa, it only enters a short/exit-long position if a bar crosses below the lower range. This avoids positions if bars behave choppy within the EHMA range & only enters a position if the market is confident in it's direction. Having said that, fakeouts are still possible, but a lot less frequent. Having backtested this strategy vs the regular EHMA strategy (and having experimented with various settings), this version seems to be a lot more robust & profitable!

Please remember that past performance may not be indicative of future results.
Due to various factors, including changing market conditions, the strategy may no longer perform as good as in historical backtesting.
This post and the script don’t provide any financial advice.


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