Macaron Dream target03

Macaron Dream for Binance target03

(1)Strategy overview
A contrarian strategy that combines a zigzag indicator and a Fibonacci retracement . By implementing a harmonic pattern and mechanically issuing trading / settlement signals, it is possible to adjust to a strategy with a high winning rate.

(2)Explanation of parameters (functions) and benefits
  • a. Zigzag indicator setting
    You can adjust the zigzag interval by adjusting the "deviation" and "depth". This allows you to discover the best strategies for past charts for currency pairs and exchanges.

  • b. 54 types of harmonic patterns
    Harmonic pattern is one of the pattern analysis using Fibonacci numerical value, which is a popular analysis method mainly in Europe and the United States. It seems that the more beautiful the harmonic pattern shape, the higher the winning percentage. This time, we have implemented 54 types of harmonic patterns . By using the ON / OFF function, you can use the strategy tester to find out which combination of harmonic patterns has the highest win rate and the highest profit rate.

  • c. Backtest periods
    By narrowing down the backtest period, you can perform backtesting using past charts within a certain period. The maximum duration depends on your TradingView subscription plan.

  • d. Amount management / unit price(%)
    By checking "Amount management", the unit price per entry will be determined according to the current amount of money you have, including the initial funds and the profit and loss from trading. If checked "amount management", you can always make a well-balanced investment in your money. It will be a lot of unit price as much as you make a profit. If unchecked, the unit price per entry will always be for the initial funding.

  • e. Entry Window(from / to)
    Set the width of the entry point. By entering the Fibonacci rate (from ~ to), you can give a wider range to the entry point. In the case of cryptocurrencies, the volatility is high, so setting a large Fibonacci rate tends to make relatively profitable.

  • f. Take Profit
    Set the points (Fibonacci rate) for profit settlement. This makes it possible to signal a profit settlement. A pre-optimized number is set as the default value.

  • g. Trail Offset
    Set the offset value (Fibonacci rate) of the trailing stop. You can enable trailing stops by setting this. This makes it possible to stop trailing with TradingView even on exchanges that do not have a trailing stop function.

  • h. Stop Loss
    Set the points (Fibonacci rate) for loss cut settlement. This makes it possible to signal a loss cut settlement. A pre-optimized number is set as the default value.

  • i. Average True Range (ATR)
    The higher the number, the more you can filter to buy and sell signals with high volatility only. This allows you to ignore trading signals due to small volatility and adjust to a strategy aimed at higher profit and loss.

  • j. Buy or Sell / Settlement Signal
    By utilizing the alert settings, you can perform automatic trading through the API corresponding to the exchange triggered by Websoket or Webhook. In order to perform automatic trading, it is necessary to separately prepare a platform (generally a Python execution environment etc.) that supports this. If you need a platform, I will provide it at the time of purchase.

(3)Points to remember
  • Keep in mind that this is a backtest based on past charts. Good backtesting results based on past charts do not mean that they will be good in the future.
    The recommended tuning method is to confirm that the profit margin is good on average by narrowing down the backtest period to one month.
  • It does not correspond to both buildings. This is due to the current specifications of TradingView, but it's not necessarily a bad thing. If the chart moves in the opposite direction to the direction of buying and selling and an unrealized loss occurs, the loss tends to be reduced by buying and selling in the opposite direction before maximizing the loss (Stop Loss).

---(Japanese Langage)---

  • ①ジグザグインジケーター設定

  • ②54種類のハーモニックパターン

  • ③バックテスト期間
    バックテスト期間を絞り込むことで、一定期間内の過去のチャートを用いたバックテストを行うことができます。最大期間はTrading Viewサブスクリプションのプランに依存します。

  • ④金額管理 / 単位価格(%)

  • ⑤エントリーウィンドウ(from / to)
    エントリーポイントの幅を設定します。フィボナッチリトレースメントのフィボナッチ率(from ~ to)を入れることで、エントリーポイントに幅をもたせることができます。暗号通貨の場合、ボラティリティが高いため、フィボナッチ率は大きめに設定することで比較的収益を上げることができる傾向にあります。

  • ⑥Take Profit

  • ⑦Trail Offset
    トレーリングストップのオフセット値(フィボナッチ率)を設定します。これを設定することで、トレーリングストップを有効にすることができます。これにより、トレーリングストップ機能がない取引所でもTrading Viewによるトレーリングストップが可能となります。

  • ⑧Stop Loss

  • ⑨アベレージ・トゥルー・レンジ (ATR)

  • ⑩売買・決済シグナル

  • あくまで過去のチャートに基づいたバックテストであることに留意してください。過去のチャートに基づくバックテスト結果がよかったからと言って、将来もよいとは限りません。
  • 両建てには対応していません。これは、Trading Viewの現在の仕様によるものですが、必ずしも悪いことではありません。仮に売買した方向と逆にチャートが動き、含み損が発生した場合、損失を最大化する(損切)前に反対方向に売買することで、損失が軽減される傾向にあります。


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