Interactive Volume Profile - Based on LTF volume

Here is my first attempt on defining volume profile . In this script, I am using new feature of pine security_lower_tf

Upon loading the script, it will ask users to select Time range to show the volume profile . Once you select the time range, confirmation input will popup. Upon confirming the inputs, you will be able to view the volume profile

Settings are pretty simple. Some of them appear as part of confirmation.

Limitation due to availability of LTF bars
security_lower_tf can only fetch upto 100k bars, Hence, if we move the starting point beyond that, we will only see volume profile from the bar where LTF volume data is available. Increasing lower timeframe resolution will also increase the available range of volume profile . Option also available to use max range instead of time based range. If max bar range is selected, then volume profile is drawn based on all the bars for which LTF volume is available.

An example of all combinations are show below.

Selecting the granularity of volume profile
Number of levels can be set from settings which impacts the granularity of volume profile . Below is the example of how different values for number of levels behave.

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