// Author : Jacques CRETINON
// Last Version : V1.0 11-22-2016
// Risk disclaimer : Do not use this script in production environment. We assume no liability or responsibility for any damage to you, your computer, or your other property, due to the use of this script.
// Purpose of this script :
// 1- use same pine code for strategy or study script (with simple modifications)
// 2- be able to send alerts : enterlong, entershort, exitlong, exitshort, stoplosslong, stoplossshort, takeprofitlong, takeprofitshort in a study script like a strategy script should do
// 3- do not repaint (I HOPE)
// RoadMap :
// 1- manage : Trailing Stop Loss and Trailing Stop Loss offset
// I use this script :
// 1- with default value for XAUUSD , current chart resolution : 1mn, large timeframe : 15mn.
// 2- That's why I hard code MACD5 (5mn average), MACD15 (15mn average), MACD60 (1h average) ...
// 3- MACD , RSI (1mn and 15mn) and Candles info are my inputs to take any decisions
// I do not publish my enterLong, enterShort, exitLong and exitShort conditions (lines 204 to 207 are sample !) as they are not as perfect as I'd like. Fell free to use your own conditions :)
// Please, report me any bug, fell free to discuss and share. English is not my natural language, so be clement ;) Happy safe trading :)

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