ZWAP (ZigZag Anchored VWAP) [Kioseff Trading]

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Quick script showcasing the new polyline function for Pine Script!

  • Up to 100 high/low pivot points auto anchored VWAP
  • Visible range auto anchored VWAP
  • Curved ZigZag (Adjustable!)

With the new polyline function, auto-anchored VWAP at specific price points is more viable.

When using only 500 lines can exist on the chart concurrently and, since VWAP is calculated on every update, a "proper" VWAP drawn using can extend 500 bars at most, to which no additional VWAP lines can be drawn after.

Of course, when using the plot() function a VWAP line will draw on every bar; however, this method isn't highly compatible with auto-anchoring VWAP lines.


A polyline, from beginning to end irrespective of the number of coordinates used, constitutes 1 polyline; 100 can exist simultaneously with 10,000 xy coordinates per line.

The image above shows an attempt to draw the same auto-anchored VWAP lines using the function. Not an ideal outcome!

The image above shows the same attempt using the function!

Very nice (:

The image above shows the indicator auto anchoring to zig zag turning points.

Subsequent to a new anchoring, VWAP is calculated for the following bars - up to the current bar.

Thank you for checking this out; if you have any ideas to spice it up feel free to comment!

Updated chart
Greatly improved efficiency on lower timeframes

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