Bursa Index KLCI VS Stock/Equity (MI08)

Bursa index KLCI versus stock indicator can be used as a benchmark to help investors compare the performance of the KLCI index and individual equity/stock.
The Green bar indicates that the stock has outperformed the KLCI index.
The Orange bar indicates that the stock has underperformed the KLCI index.
This indicator is not appropriate for comparing to the stock that is a component of the FBM KLCI, as it is already included in the bursa index.
The length of the bar indicates the strength of the stock/index.
Do not reply exclusively on the indication to trade. It is merely an analytical technique to assit investors in determining the strength and weakness of particular equity/stock relative to the KLCI index.

This script indicator is solely for the purpose of education / opinion sharing only, and should not be construed as investment advice or recommendations to buy or sell any security.
Get your trade advise from a legit broker, you are responsible on your own trade.
Thank you.


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