Exponential Moving Average (Set of 3) [Krypt] + 13/34 EMAs

I took Krypt's script and essentially added on to it.

the 20/50/100/200 EMAs should be used together as support and resistance as normal.
  • Wait for price to break 200 EMA
  • Wait for 50 EMA to cross 200 EMA
  • Wait for pullback to 50 EMA to open position

    20 and 100 EMAs are for extra information about moving support and resistance

    and 13/34 EMAs should be used in conjunction

  • When 13 EMA crosses 34 EMA , open position
  • When price gets far from 13/34, close position (because price will attempt to revert back to mean)

    This is better for scalping and swing trades than the 20/50/100/200 setup.

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