ADX Momentum cross + MacD + HH LL + Buy/Sell Signals and alerts

Hello, This is the first indicator I have made and would like to contribute to the community.
This strategy came from trying to replicate a previous ADX Cross Indicator that I loved on MT4 which I used successfully on EUR/USD on high and low time frames. Through the process of trying to replicate it I failed, I decided to take what I had written so far and create my own ADX cross strategy using the combination of 3 ADX's, their lag. Then also using Higher highs and lower lows with the MacD to further filter the signals.

There are two buy and two sell conditions, the difference between these are just the order in which the ADX crossing determines the entry. The MacD and higher highs and lower lows are the same for filtering the signal.

You can change the look back for HH and LL look back range, along with the DI Length & ADX Smoothing for all ADX's. The lag used for either the buy or sell strategy with the Lag_Buy/Lag_Sell inputs. Lag_mid setting will affect all 4 conditions.

From testing and based on the ADX cross logic you should follow this structure when changing the inputs for:

DI Length: Lowest DI value (I.E. 1)
DI Lengtha: Middle DI value (I.E. 2)
DI Lengthb: Highest DI value (I.E. 3)
ADX Smoothing: Lowest Smoothing value (I.E. 1)
ADX Smoothinga: Middle Smoothing value (I.E. 2)
ADX Smoothingb: Highest Smoothing value (I.E. 3)

I tested this on the EUR/USD , but mainly I have been using it on BTC /USDT(binance) and BTC /USDT Perpetual futures (binance) with the 5 minute chart. I suggest playing around with the settings depending on the Symbol and timeframe you use because the default settings are what I last found to be optimal for my self on the 5min BTC /USDT Perpetual futures (binance) chart.

A good starting point I found when using the indicator on other charts is to use the below values:

DI Length: 7
DI Lengtha: 14
DI Lengthb: 21
ADX Smoothing: 7
ADX Smoothinga: 14
ADX Smoothingb: 21

If you have any questions, suggestions, or requests for this indicator feel free contact me. You can either comment on here or Message me
If you like this indicator please like and comment where you found it useful.

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