Hull Weighted Exponential Moving Average

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Open source version of the Hull Weighted Exponential Moving Average as described by Vincent Charles in [Hull-WEMA: A Novel Zero-Lag Approach in the Moving Average Family]


The study takes into considerations two variants of MA.


WEMA, which was introduced in 2013, has been widely used in different scenarios but still suffers from lags.
To address this shortcoming, a novel zero-lag Hull-WEMA method is proposed that combines HMA and WEMA.
Results show that the new approach achieves a better accuracy level than both HMA and WEMA.


The indicator generates:
  • a LONG signal when switching color from RED to GREEN
  • a SHORT signal when switching color from GREEN to RED
    Additionally is available an option to color the candles on your chart to confirm the signals and filter ranges.

Is now possible to create alerts to trigger when "Long", "Short" or "Both" conditions are satisfied.

To do so:
  • go into the indicator settings
  • change the "Alerts" option to "Long", "Short" or "Both" as you prefer
  • click on the Alert button from the toolbox on top of the chart
  • under the "Condition" section choose "HWEMA"
  • under the "Alert actions" section choose where you want to receive the alerts
  • under the "Alert name" section you can delete everything except for HWEMA
  • click "Create" to start receiving alerts


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