Double CCI & RSI Trigger

Warning : This strategy can only be implemented with 1 minute timeframe chart

With the help of 2 CCI and 1 RSI , it is much easier to identify the market trend. The main idea of this EA is looking at a longer CCI (170 periods) and RSI (14 periods) and finding some possible bullish and bearish trends.

Bullish Conditions: 170 CCI has a value of above 0 and RSI 14 is larger than 30 (oversold)
Bearish Conditions: 170 CCI has a value of below 0 and RSI 14 is lower than 70 (overbought)

When conditions are met, CT+ ( bullish ) and CT- ( bearish ) signals will be shown on the graph.

To effectively adopt the system, users have to incorporate "Double CCI & RSI Alert" , my another script, into this and can decide whether or not to hold onto positions. Happy trading! Appreciate support and comments!
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Interesting do you have any live trading videos using it?
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