Hull Suite Strategy

Converted the hull suite into a strategy script for easy backtesting and added ability to specify a time periods to backtest over.
リリースノート: Added ability to select strategy direction, defaults to long only, but can also select all or short only.




Changing the time frame cause errors in long or all bactest, cant understand why...also

can someone guide how we can put stop loss and take profits in this chart?
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DashTrader Ajmal017
@Ajmal017, Probably because of TV change they just made reduce your initial capital in backtest you probably have too much initial capital.
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Ajmal017 DashTrader
@DashTrader, thanks bro, I got it after looking at the figures... would be kind of u if u could guide in putting trailing stop losses and taking profits
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@Ajmal017, Yes it is possible to.
How is this script working for everyone?
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Does this repaint?
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DashTrader GarethSA
@GarethSA, no and you can select it yes.
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GarethSA DashTrader
Is there security code in the script to stop the repainting? or how did you do it?
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DashTrader GarethSA
@GarethSA, security is what causes repaint when not used properly, we are not using it. As long as you use on normal candlestick chart it's fine.
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Nice indicator. How do i get to know the exact entry and exit points values. I see the red and green arrows indicating buy and sell
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